6 Qualities of a Good Website

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With so many different websites out there, it is more important than ever that yours stands out from the crowd. The question remains: what makes a good website? Well, there are plenty of different qualities that they have in common, so let’s take a look at a few of them right here and now.

Well Designed

As a starting point, your website needs to be well designed, with plenty of white space on the page of a cleanly designed site. While it is tempting to ‘overdesign’ your site, a well-designed website has functionality firmly in mind, so you may decide to enlist Birmingham web designers to help. You also need to ensure that it is quick to respond, as people are often unwilling to spend great quantities of time waiting for a site to load. Be sure to fix any broken links along the way, as these are just another excuse for your customers to switch off.

Easy to Use

Closely linked to the site being well-designed, it also needs to be easy to use to ensure that consumers can find what they are looking for with minimal fuss. Remember, some people will come to the site looking for specific information, while others are only there to browse. Your website should be able to comfortably cater for both distinct groups.

Fresh and Regular Content

Content needs to be considered both in terms of quantity and quality. While it is important to keep your site regularly updated, the content needs to be both interesting and appealing. Not only is this important from the point of view of encouraging customers to come back time and time again, but it is also essential for your search engine optimization, which is a crucial feature in ensuring that your website can be found by new and returning customers.

Optimized for Mobile

These days, more searches are done on mobile devices than laptops, so there is no excuse for your site not to be optimized for smartphones. This also helps with your SEO rankings. When it comes to the testing phase of your website, you should check it using a number of different devices.

Clear Contact Information

Customers are often looking for ways that they can get in touch with your business more easily, so ensure that you have your contact information displayed clearly throughout the website.

Linked to Social Media

Proper social media usage is another essential feature of a modern website, and you want everything to be properly integrated, so make sure that your customers can click through to your accounts. Going back to a content strategy, your social media accounts also need to be updated on a regular basis to ensure that you grow your number of followers and reach as wide an audience as possible.

While these may seem like easy points to remember, you will be surprised to find the number of websites that overlook these few basic factors. Tick off each of them and you are likely to find yourself with a better-quality website that performs its functions properly.

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