Sandisk X300s SSD which is capable of Self Encryption

Living between so many hackers can cause damage to your data, that’s why here comes Sandisk X300s series of Solid State Drive which has the capability of Self Encrypting at any time.... Read more »
ez flash

ASUS BIOS update with EZ Flash

BIOS is the Basic Input Output System of a motherboard which comes pre installed in ROM (Read Only Memory). ASUS which makes gaming motherboard provides the facility to update the BIOS through... Read more »

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Specifications

NVIDIA graphics cards are the best in performance for every kind of hardcore gaming and other graphic intensive work. As the months pass-by Nvidia keeps on upgrading it tech with new architecture... Read more »
best gaming pc under 500 amazon

Assemble Best Gaming PC under 500 Dollars 2017

Gaming PCs are expensive since they require the best parts from the top brands in order to fulfil the graphics and performance needs of today’s top games. These expensive parts do very... Read more »
ryzen 7 vs intel core i7

Ryzen CPU Bios Update AGESA Performance Improvements

If you recently equipped your rig with an AMD Ryzen CPU then here’s a good news for you, the manufacturers have just launched a wave of BIOS update for their motherboard that... Read more »

Intel to cut Skylake and Kaby Lake CPU prices ahead of Ryzen launch

Intel has started lowering the prices of more than 20 CPUs of both 6th and 7th generation (Skylake and Kaby Lake family) ahead of AMD’s ultra cheap and powerful Ryzen 7 launch.... Read more »
ryzen 7 vs intel core i7

AMD Ryzen 7 vs Intel Core i7

Intel has ruled the processor market since the early times, in they’ve always been dominating in high-end octa-core CPU range but now they have got a more appealing competitor offering more performance... Read more »
how to lower cpu usage

How to lower CPU usage in Windows

The CPU or the processor is the main component of a computer system. Different hardware and software share it together to perform their designated task. While performing any task like browsing, video... Read more »