Five Reasons Any Business Should Consider Cloud Services – London Companies Included!


No matter how large your SME may be, cloud computing is one technology your business should consider now. In fact, the smaller your company, the more important they become, as they can reduce the load on your internal IT staff and create a far smaller reliance on hardware within your office. Cloud computing means many things to many companies. It can be as simple as e-commerce hosting or as complex as extensive recovery services to help you get back on your feet after a disaster. Not sure about cloud services? London SMEs just like yours are taking advantage of this technology for a number of different reasons. Take a look at five reasons you should consider it now.


  1. Flexible Work Space: Value your ability to work anywhere?  With cloud access, that’s possible. Your team members don’t have to be bound to the office or a single machine. Instead, you can access the data and programs you need from anywhere an internet connection is present. What’s more, though, is that depending on the system you’re using on the cloud, you can also use a variety of technologies to access it from smartphones to traditional desktop computers. That frees your company up to hire remote workers without the need for additional office space.
  2. Reduced Infrastructure Needs: Hardware is expensive. It’s not only expensive to purchase, but also to store and maintain. Moving to the cloud, though, means you need far less hardware. You don’t need to maintain it either, as your cloud service provider will typically take care of software updates and maintenance for you. Downtime becomes a thing of the past, and your own IT team can focus on the projects where you need the most help.
  3. Better Collaboration: In many cases, multiple team members need access to a number of files at once. When you switch to the cloud, that’s possible because you’re keeping the documents in a central, accessible location. The need to continually send updated versions is virtually eliminated, and all of your team members will have the opportunity to provide input on any given project. Real-time updates are typically possible, too, which means you create a truly collaborative space, even if you’re not all in the same room.
  4. Automatic Redundancy: System failure. It’s the worst nightmare of every company, and it can mean downtime that’s tough to recover from. If you’re working in the cloud, though, your information is typically spread across data centers, so even if something happens to the hardware on which you currently work, nothing happens to your files. Your data isn’t lost, and your company can maintain operations as it normally would.
  5. Added Security: Cloud service providers take security very seriously, and keeping your data there instead of in a physical location may mean better security. You’ll have access to the data you need, but it will remain protected, keeping your company safe and maybe even meeting industry regulations you might not otherwise be able to maintain.

There are many reasons to consider the cloud for your company. Learn what it can do for you now.


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