How To Streamline Business With Email Drip Campaigns

Running a successful business is an extremely tough task. Different techniques used by competitors is constantly pushing you to search for new ways of reaching out to leads and nurturing them better, quicker, and easier than the competitors do that. Manual sending emails is the Stone Age already and professionals have switched to special automation tools long ago.

Such tools used for streamlining the email marketing process are called drip campaigns. In this article, I offer you to have a look at what drip campaigns are and which tool you might use. We are reviewing a service that allows users to run an email drip campaign from the comfort of their homes, a service known as

What drip campaigns are, as we mentioned earlier, allows users to run drip email campaigns to improve marketing, nurture leads, and, as a result, skyrocket marketing and improve sales. Not sure what an email drip campaign is? A drip campaign is a set of emails repeatedly sent to leads over a long period of time in order to nurture them.

Now that you have a better idea of what exactly an email drip campaign means, let us take a deeper look at the way you can improve the business for free with Email Drip Campaigns. Drip Campaign features

Everyone knows exactly how boring it is to sit down and handle business emails. You have to sift through the email list and send it out to each individual. Well if you run a drip email with, that hassle turns into a genuinely stable income stream.

The features provided by are not just numerous but effective and useful as well. Here’s a short list with their benefits:

  • scheduling lets the emails to be sent not only according to the timetable but according to the time zone as well.
  • plain-text personalized emails bring far better results in deliverability and open compared to HTML-emails.
  • email and campaigns templates are useful if you have little time on creating from the ground up.
  • triggers and delays let you not turn into a spammer and send emails not all at once but in a more personal way.
  • goals provide you with information on how well the campaign performs, how many people have reached a goal and which one, and what you should do next.

A step-by-step guide to launching a campaign

To launch an email campaign, you don’t need much time and specific skills. The drag-n-drop campaign builder is intuitive and easy-to-use. You simply have to create an email list and set the elements on the email campaign creation field.

Step 1. Create an email list

You first set out and import or create different lists where you wish to send out emails. These could be a list of prospects you already have at your disposal or you can find leads’ emails with the help of web application. You can add multiple emails at the same time with the use of their automated domain search tool which finds you all the emails associated with a certain domain.

Once you’ve added the lists, you need to check if the emails are valid and the bounce rate won’t go high. With, you can easily verify emails that are on the lists with the click of a button. This really helps weed out the inactive email addresses and not spoil the reputation.

Step 2. Set the email sequence

The image you see is how you set out the workflow of an email drip campaign with This system of implementing an easy to follow flow chart makes the task extremely simple. The email sequence allows you to set the hands free at maximum in terms of being able to work with the client the way you wish to.

Within the platform, you can add triggers, set delays, create personalized well-performing plain-text emails, schedule the sequence, and set goals.

Once you’ve set out the instructions for the email campaign you can select the list which you want to run this campaign on and done! You have the perfect email drip campaign just like that!

Step 3. Be aware of opens, clicks, and replies

With, you also have access to information on when the clients open the emails, click the link embedded, and reply to you. By the way, when a person replies to you, the email campaign stops for him or her and you can start a private conversation.

In the statistics, you can have the details either on emails or on recipients. Additionally, if you see that the campaign doesn’t perform well, you can pause it and make some changes.


We know, everyone loves to try out things before investing their hard earned money into something and understands that. They allow users to try out their product for free after which they can choose between 4 different plans to suit their needs. More info in the picture below.


Running an email drip campaign is a tough task if one plans to handle it manually. Bring in an automated service like and you will essentially skyrocket the business.

The fact that there is a free trial available on the website makes the deal even sweeter as users can test out the product before committing to it. We’re big fans of and would definitely recommend the service to anyone looking to bring more customers into their business. A brilliantly set up automated email drip campaign service, which lets you customize and handle each step of the way you want, makes one of the best in the business out there.

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