How to Use Adobe Acrobat Pro DC: 9 Functions You Should Know

Ever encountered a PDF file? With over 250 billion of them utilized with Adobe products, the format is inescapable. You’ll find it used in schools, at work, and even for filling up forms for a loan.

PDF or Portable Document Format is a file format developed by Adobe to present documents regardless of software or hardware. This allows people to read a file exactly as designed even when on a phone or with different apps.

But, plenty of people are looking for ways to edit and create PDF files and Adobe Acrobat Pro DC can do that job.

Don’t know how to use Adobe Acrobat Pro? We’re here to show you the ropes. Check out this guide below to discover more:

Why Use Adobe Acrobat Pro DC?

Adobe Acrobat is a PDF software that allows you to view PDFs offline and online while also allowing you to edit, manage, and print those PDF files.

It differs from the earlier versions thanks to new features that are not available from the Standard edition. Some of these include fixed accessibility standards, enhancing interactivity, and high-end printing.

Let’s step into some of these features and other tidbits to learn how to use Adobe Acrobat Pro.

1. Editing PDFs Made Easy

Ever found a PDF file that you wanted to edit or change?

It’s difficult to find a program that can do that, but now Adobe Acrobat Pro DC can turn a PDF into an editable document. It also has a built-in spellchecker. You also have the find and replace function that corrects words, phrases, and dates.

You can also edit your pages like rearranging, deleting pages, rotating, and cropping the pages in your PDF files. Click on the ‘Edit PDF’ tool in the right pane to be able to add new text, edit text, replace, move, and other tools like adding watermarks.

2. Share and Store Files in Adobe Document Cloud

With Acrobat DC, you can now send, share, and edit documents through Adobe cloud. It also allows users to leave comments, mentions, and search documents which makes it easy for any collaborated PDF files.

Their cloud service allows you to store up to 20 GB of space for PDF files. If that isn’t enough, you can also save in third-party services like Box or Microsoft OneDrive.

To save an edited PDF to your Adobe Cloud, you have to sign in with your Adobe ID.

On the homepage, you can view your documents like shared files and collab files with other people. To save a file in Adobe Cloud, click ‘Upload a File’ and select the files you want to upload. A progress bar will appear to scan for viruses, and then you’re done.

3. Edit Scanned Docs and Photos

You no longer need to retype anything from paper documents because you would have the ability to scan texts and turn them into PDF files.

Simply click the Edit PDF tool to your right and it will recognize your texts, images, and even know the fonts. Boxes will appear in separate groups of texts which makes it searchable and editable.

4. Sign and Collect Signatures Electronically

One of the unique features of Acrobat Pro DC is the ability to add and collect digital signatures with the built-in tools.

People can fill out forms and electronically sign the file. You can also track those who have and have not signed and other activities performed on the file.

5. Convert Your PDF Files

You can now export PDF files into the file formats and vice versa while maintaining its text font and image formats.

Simply open the PDF in Acrobat, then click on export PDF in the tools pane. You can also turn pdf into jpg files, Microsoft word files, PowerPoint, HTML web pages, and other formats.

6. Use on Your Mobile Phones and Tablets

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC has made it easier to accomplish a variety of tasks by allowing you to access files from your mobile devices.

Using the mobile version of Acrobat DC is now more convenient thanks to other Adobe Acrobat products like Reader and Scan. These allow you to scan documents using your phone’s camera and turn them into PDF files.

7. Protects Your Files

If you need a way to lock down your files without killing productivity, Acrobat DC has the ability that can block out unauthorized access by encrypting your PDF files with a certificate or a password. You can also prevent people from copying or editing your office files like Microsoft word, excel, and PowerPoint.

Select a file and then open the ‘Protect Tool’ from the right pane. Select Encrypt then ‘Encrypt with Password’ to set a PDF password for opening the document. You can also customize the permissions like disabling editing or copying the text.

8. Compare Two Versions of Your Work

With the compare feature, you can quickly spot any differences between two different file versions and have a better review process.

It makes reviews more efficient with the handy highlight bar for fast comparison. You can also apply filters to view what has changed by content type, images, text, annotations, or formatting with the PDF comparison tool.

9. More Compatibility

Subscribing to Acrobat Pro DC allows you to use all these features through Windows and macOS as well as iOS and Android. This is a major step up from the Adobe Acrobat standard, which only supports Windows.

Now You Know How to Use Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

The Adobe Acrobat Pro isn’t your typical PDF editor and it still has a lot to offer.

Its editing functionality can increase your productivity, efficiency, and can also help a business run more smoothly.

It’s a tool that will take time to get used to. However, with all these features, it’s worth learning how to use Adobe Acrobat Pro.

Were we able to help you? Want more that are like this? Feel free to check our other pages for more helpful guides and tips.

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