If you can’t stop thinking about it, don’t stop working for it. This is one of the famous quotes that we can find either in any of the legendary books or on popular websites. The meaning of the above quote is not confined in choosing a particular thing rather has its reach on every product manufactured or developed. The very same thing can be applied to the apps when we are choosing the right one for us and trust me if you will act according to the quote then definitely you will have a smooth path in front of you. I know it’s very difficult to choose the best from the bunch of best ones but a warm try will always give a positive result. So, without wasting any time let us move on with the countdown of the top awesome apps that will definitely blow your mind.

So, let’s have a look at some amazing apps for your Android smartphone.


xnspy android app

You all might have heard about mobile spy apps. But, now, I am going to introduce to you the most downloaded, undetectable spyware, Xnspy, that can fulfill all your spying needs. With this cell Android spyware, you don’t only get to monitor call logs, text messages, and multimedia files, but also the real-time location of a monitored Android device. Using a web-based control panel, you can view and even block the installed apps. With access to social media chats and photos, you can track the online footprints of the person you want to monitor. Surprisingly, Xnspy can record the surroundings, too. You can get instant alerts on the specified words, contacts, places, and email addresses, collectively known as the Watchlist Alerts. Xnspy enables you to remotely lock a phone, wipe off its data, take live screenshots, and monitor its keystrokes. In case you find any problem, their top-notch customer support is always there to assist you.

Download Here:


With millions of recipes in one single app, Bigoven makes your cooking easy and also inspired you to go and cook whatever recipe you want to cook. Not only you can cook you can also post images of your recipes and from there you can gain the likes and comments from your friends, family members. You can also have a look at what your friend is cooking and can surprise her by cooking before her. Isn’t it an interesting app? What’s your opinion? If you think it is the app that you are looking for then immediately go to Google Play Store and download this awesome app. It will be full of fun.


Download here BIGOVEN

Death Trigger 2

You all have watched the zombie movies and might have enjoyed it. But now what I am talking about is a marvelous game that is so zombie Licious and full of blood that you need guts to play of. The splashing of blood from the head of the zombies and the flying creatures attacking your jeep will definitely arise your hair from the skin. So, if you are looking for a thrilling and exciting game then this is one of the most downloaded games on your device.


Download here DEATH TRIGGER 2


Limbo has been among the most downloaded horror games in recent years because of its creepy and horrifying atmosphere that gives the user an overwhelming terrifying experience. The game is about a boy who has been on his way to search for his lost sister and he encounters with many of the paranormal situations and the hurdles where he has to cross all the obstacles with his courage. Each new chapter experiences creepy and horrifying hurdles that will definitely give you the sensation of cold in your body. So, if you are brave enough to play this game then download it and jump into the world of darkness.


Download here LIMBO


It will be simply a waste of time to exaggerate about this app. The name’s popularity is enough to specify its importance and its unique feature can shut the mouth of any other news app. It is an instant news app that updates the user with all the current happenings across the globe in a much more smarter and unique manner that you have never experienced. Whatever the news it would be all you view in a very short interval of time. So, go to Google Play Store and download this news app and believe me it will full fill all your expectation.


You can read the news on their website,  read the short news.

World’s Best Mystery Stories App

Do you love reading the stories of a serial killer who is on his way of killing and your favorite detective is handling the case? It will be a great thrilling experience and the new discoveries on every way will make you impatient to know the real man behind this. So, grow your love and download this awesome app that contains thousands of detective stories that you are fond of reading. Each story will give you a new never lasting thrilling experience. So, download this app and enjoy the marvelous stories.



Systweak Android Cleaner

This all-in-one app is not only an Android cleanser but also optimizes your phone and reduces battery consumption. It is known for its highly advanced scanning feature that not only scans the files but also deletes the file in a single touch. The app is also a game booster that allows you to play games without lag. Download this app and give your friend a good companion.




Are you a food lover? Do you love tasting varieties of food? If yes then definitely this app would be best for you and will give you the real taste of both the continental and the intercontinental food. So, download this app and let your mouth full of water anytime, anywhere. Then fire your mouth with the spicy and tasty dishes.


Download here SWIGGY

Final Verdict

So, this was our list of some of the amazing apps for Android. Obviously, there are millions of apps and thousands of them are amazing but we cannot include every app. Tell us which app did you liked the most or suggest some other good options in the comments below.